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PRIVÉ Deluxe Clip Extensions

Luscious thick Clip Extensions | Set of 11 Pieces
Clip in extensions or clip on extensions are removable hair extensions that allow you to instantly add length, volume and highlights to your hair.
PRIVÉ Deluxe Clip Extensions are ultra high quality clip extensions made of the absolute finest quality 100% human Indo-European hair, hand crafted in Canada.
PRIVÉ Clip in human hair extensions are available in sets of 11 11 hand-crafted clip extensions, 14 inch long hair, 18 inch long hair or 22 inch long hair.
PRIVÉ Remy clip on hair extensions are especially made in a luxurious deluxe density, which will instantly add volume and length to fine and thick hair alike.
Our Remy hair clip on extensions sets include three 5 inch wide clip extensions, four 4 inch wide clips extensions and for 1.5 inch wide clip in hair extensions for a totally customizable look.
PRIVÉ human hair clip in extensions are available in over 24 luscious colors, so you can find an exact match for your hair. PRIVÉ human Remy hair extensions clip in are silky straight, but will dry to a lovely naturally wavy texture when air dried.
PRIVÉ Remy human hair clip on extensions are also custom made for you on special order in an amazing variety of 2-tone and 3-tone colour. Custom made clip in Remy hair extensions are of course available in house in order to exactly match any hair color.
PRIVÉ Deluxe Remy human hair clip-in extensions are made of the finest 100% Human Indo-European Virgin REMY Temple Hair. The very best and highest quality five star platinum grade 100% Remy human hair.
PRIVÉ Deluxe Clip Extensions firmly hold on to your hair with our exclusive silicone-grip UltraLock Stainless Steel Clips. UltraLock Clips offer the strongest yet most gentle comfort hold on even the finest hair!
PRIVÉ Remy human hair clip extensions can be curled with a curling iron, hot rollers or blow dryer and can be straightened with a flat iron. PRIVÉ human hair clip on extensions can also be dyed darker anytime using a semi-permanent color.
PRIVÉ Remy human clip in hair extensions are perfect for adding volume and/or length to your hair without the commitment of more permanent hair extension systems.
Our 100% Remy human hair clip in hair extensions are easy to remove and to put in thanks to our top quality UltraLock clips with a band silicone for added comfort and lasting hold. You’ll never have to tease your hair as our human hair extensions clip in securely even if you have the finest hair.
PRIVÉ Remy clip on extensions human hair need only be washed every 60 days or so, depending on how often you wear them. All you have to do is use a high quality shampoo and conditioner, and moisturize them with a leave-in conditioner for the clip on hair extension hair to stay gorgeous.
Flexibility of hairstyles: Our clip on hair extension pieces can be installed wherever you like - you can play around with them and create the perfect length, volume and hairstyle by playing around with the placement of each clip in hair extension.
With PRIVÉ Remy human hair clip hair extensions you can go from short to long and back again in just a few minutes, and create elaborate styles that require a lot of hair.
If you’ve always wanted extensions, why not try PRIVÉ Remy human hair clip on hair extensions? Our deluxe clip on hair extension system can be removed at any time so you can sleep or take a shower in all comfort.
Remy human hair clip extensions are very low maintenance, which means that you’ll be spending less time styling them and more time enjoying them. If your hair grows too slowly or it’s thinning out, put in some instant clip in hair extensions and enjoy your lustrous, long, thick hair.
Because our clip in human hair extensions use an ultra high grade of human hair, sliding your fingers through them may become an addiction. The smooth silkiness of our PRIVÉ Remy human hair clip extensions is simply irresistible!
Remy Human hair clip in extensions are also the perfect addition for special occasions. For a party or a festive event, you can get the perfect outfit and shoes, so why not get the perfect "clip hair extension outfit" for your hair as well? Luscious long human Remy hair clip on extensions will make you look ravishing no matter what you’re wearing.
For more information about our top quality PRIVÉ clip-in hair extensions, please visit the PRIVÉ Deluxe Clip in Hair Extension Website

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PRIVÉ Deluxe Clip Extensions are shipped across Canada and the US in 2-4 business days.
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